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Mooie plaatsen

Beautiful places

in the area


Discover beautiful cities and villages
not far from the Reunion

Buitengoed de Reünie is surrounded by beautiful towns and villages. 

Eijsden, Maastricht and the Heuvelland are of course a stone's throw away and are always fun to visit!But Belgium and Germany is also not far and definitely worth it!



Eijsden is the beautiful border town on the Maas in the extreme southwest of our little country. Within less than 5 minutes by bike there are plenty of sights that are definitely worth it.

You can go for a lovely walk in the Eijsderbeemde up to the "tongue" or discover the old part with the famous "bat" or discover Caestert with the castle from 1636 and its beautiful gardens!


Maastricht "the city of Servaas" speaks for itself, of course. The city that splits into Wyck and the center is rich in authentic buildings, churches, caves and much more.

Visit the St. Jan and the St. Servaas church on the Vrijthof, be amazed in the Dominicanenkerk, walk under the Helpoort or go shopping in the Grote Staat, Maastricht has something for everyone!


Along the Mergelland route

The 5-star landscape in South Limburg! 

110 kilometers of roads through a beautiful hilly landscape. Every few kilometers you will come across a picturesque village. 

Walk along the Geul from village to village or get on your bike and eat a delicious strawberry sundae in Epen. Enjoy the Heuvelland and stop by the Reunion!

Markt Maastricht

Voer region

The Voer region is a Flemish green landscape of 50 m2 in the middle of Wallonia. There are 6 different villages in the Voer region: Moelingen, 's-Gravenvoeren, Sint-Martens-Voeren, Sint-Pieters-Voeren aan de Voer en Teuven and Remersdaal aan de Gulp.


The Voer region is the border area between the Dutch Heuvelland and Belgium. The Belgian Voer region is mainly characterized by forests, hills, green nature and streams.


If you drive 10 minutes to the south from Buitengoed de Reünie, you will automatically arrive in Visé (Wezet). Visé is the first Walloon village when you cross the border between Flanders and the Netherlands at Eijsden.

Visé is a nice picturesque city near Liège. 

Perfect for an afternoon of shopping or to taste the Walloon atmosphere in all the streets.



Liège (Liège) is the perfect city trip and less than half an hour's drive from the Reunion! Liège combines the gray walls of Wallonia with hypermodern buildings such as the Central Station "Liège-Guillemins".

Stroll through the streets of Liège or climb all the way up the steps of Montagne de Bueren. This staircase contains 347 steps, but once you get to the top, the view is well worth it!



A 20-30 minute drive away is the German city of Aachen in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia. Aachen is one of the most popular cities in Germany, the Roman influences can still be found in many places.

Charlemagne lived in Aachen for a long time and also started the construction of the Dom there, which is a symbol of Aachen to this day. Aachen is also very nice to just walk through or go shopping.

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