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Looking for an event location?

Then the De Reünie is perfect!


The perfect location 
for parties, private functions, meetings or workshops! 

At our beautiful location we offer the opportunity to celebrate a variety of celebrations, parties and other gatherings such as baby showers, baby showers, communions, workshops or coffee tables.
We have a large meadow, a spacious terrace and an indoor area.


Are you looking for the perfect location for an occasion, where there are indoor and outdoor possibilities?


Then schedule an appointment to map out your wishes together and come and see the location!
We are happy to contribute to creating an unforgettable memory.


Are you looking for where to hold your 50th birthday or wedding? Then the Reunion is perfect for you!

Coffee table

Do you want a safe and quiet place for a special private affair? Then our estate is something for you.


Our space is perfect for meetings, presentations and small conferences.


Want to hold a cool workshop in any form? Then we have the perfect space.



Would you like to throw a big party, but you have no idea where to hold it? Then contact Buitengoed de Reünie! We have the perfect space for a large party, hold our 50th birthday, anniversary, wedding and more!

If you are interested, request a quote below and we will contact you as soon as possible!


Coffee tables

Are you and your family still looking for a safe and quiet place to have a coffee table? Then the Reunion can certainly offer you this opportunity. If you have special wishes, you can always ask us!

Feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Drinkende vrouw Coffee


Buitengoed de Reünie has a large space that is completely suitable for many people, including meetings, small conferences and work presentations.

Don't hesitate and request a quote below,

we will contact you as soon as possible!



Are you looking for a suitable place to teach your talent to other people in the form of a workshop? At the Reunion we have the perfect space for workshops in any form.

Request a quote below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Vrouw geeft workshop
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