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Our story
Get to know us!

For years it was our dream.. to take the step with the four of us to shape our Buitengoed.
After a process of almost three years, after purchase and renovation, we can finally open the doors of our catering facility Buitengoed De Reünie for you!
Buitengoed De Reünie stands for together: connecting, meeting each other in a warm atmosphere. Everyone is welcome with us.


Will you also come by? We can't wait to meet you!

A piece of the past
connected to the present!

Marlou and Bram, are 4th and 5th generation catering from the Smeets family in Maastricht (Sjo-Wullem-Marjos), have this profession genetically "in their leeks" and Kyara and Geert are now also part of the party.

We are proud to mention Marlou's parents here
and Bram's grandparents: Matt Hardy (D'n Ingel vaan Mestreech) and Marjos Hardy-Smeets. When Marlou was 1 year old, her parents opened Café Rembrandt on the Markt in Tongeren. A great understanding.


They are also the initiators of the antiques market in Tongeren.
In 1981 they opened their 2nd Café Rembrandt on the Markt in Maastricht, a striking brown café, where they enjoyed serving their guests in a unique way for 28 years. We will celebrate at this beautiful location
Continuing from a rich past, we celebrate our guests in the present.

Our team
Get to know us!

Marlou Hardij
Marlou Hardij
Geert Runhaar
Geert Runhaar
Bram Runhaar
Bram Runhaar
Kyara van der Donck
Kyara van der Donck
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